Pilates progress – February

⭐️⭐️⭐️Current form.⭐️⭐️⭐️ Post 1 hour Pilates.

Hey so I figure I may as well post my progress on here to keep better track and motivate myself to keep improving, what do you think!?

Maybe I can inspire someone else in the making. We all need workout buddies! Currently my workout buddy is a flat-coated retriever but I only walk her every now and then so in between that I find other ways to motivate myself. Sometimes it’s even a show on HBO that’s very action-filled or so, that I just think: “Ah, I want to be an actor in action movies.” Or sometimes I use “Man, I was in the army last year around this time, where I could do all this training and 10 x more of it, without sleep so get on with it!” – I’m really glad I’m studying at university right now though, because here in Sweden at least I can ride my bike to university even in winter it seems (or spring as it would be now), and yet sleep in on most days as I want… and also eat really well as I’m able to be near to my apartment and also go home for lunch even in “shorter” 1 hour lunch-breaks… on the occasional longer day.

Sometimes I simply think of any scene with the Absolutely Fabulous girlies… “DARRRRRLING…” Don’t want to end up fat n’ alone, do we… I’m in a happy relationship. But one should never get lazy. Simple as that.

5×1 hour workouts this month and a few smaller ones in between…

In the 1 hour ones includes Pilates at home in front of YouTube training videos (max level-sometimes I add a bit of weight) outdoor biking (up/downhill), weight-training at home… just a few pounds for that lean figure, taking the steps to my apartment and kind of doing side lunges while I’m at it… also walking and running with a puppy, etc! 🙂 creative, nothing too sweaty! But with heartbeat and heavier breath at some point. I find that it has improved my posture and also energy in studying. I remember dance classes in New York, Manhattan, as well as Pilates classes on Saturdays in Brooklyn that I used to take. I love it.

Will keep this up and those abs will be more clear for summer I am sure, and *bubble butt* back on point ☺️

That’s it people, no gym, lots of protein shakes with unsweetened soy and either banana/strawberry and maybe a little bit of peanut butter as lunch or dinner (or both) and then whatever food basically but very little sugar… (quite a lot of fat… yoghurt coated cashew nuts and yoghurt coated pineapple bits are my favorites).


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Economy highlights

Hey, sorry it’s been a while, I’m having way too much fun in life rn, kidding – can’t have it too good. Anyway, I’m reading this book for a class which had a section in it I thought I’d straight out translate into English with my best ability and cite for you all – because it is pretty neat. And it’s a bit from Dariush Arai’s book ‘Introduction to Cognitive Psychology’ 2001, page 168…

Richard Thaler (1985) suggested some guidelines for enjoying your $$$$$$$$$$$$ winnings and not getting down too much about your losses. 

And this is what Arai (2001) described those tips/guidelines to be (roughly translated into English):

1. If you have several income sources, keep them separate. Several small winnings create bigger happiness than one big win.

2. If you have several expenses, combine them into one if possible. Several small losses are more painful than one separate big *expense post*. 

3. If you have greater earnings than expenses, combine them so that the result become a positive net win (and view your expenses as operating costs).

4. If you have greater expenses than earnings, keep these separate from each other so that you can keep some *point of light* to be grateful for.

How true aren’t they? Also sort of read in the book that if monetary winnings and losses where displayed on a scale and a curve like, the losses part of the curve would look much steeper than the winnings in accordance with how we experience it. Does that make sense?! So, if you ever felt shitty about dropping $20 and not as excited about earning the same amount then, I mean; now you know why like!