New chapter – Integrity and Democracy

I’ll be posting more about Integrity and Democracy in Digital Media in the upcoming weeks on here, and on my twitter as well. Then writing a more proper article about it all. And today I took on to be the editor of an anthology for the whole class – so with a whole bunch of our articles combined into one piece; one anthology. Actually got two more people to work with me on that bit, too, in the end. I think we’re going to be a really good team!

Just installed WordPress from for another course, so hopefully should learn to customize these themes and designs a bit better for the future also. We’ll have a real client to deliver and present for for that one. It’ll be good for our design portfolios and practice! And yeah, I’m aware that it looks a bit messy on this blog now when you write a lot on here. I don’t like the fonts and structure of this theme too much overall. Definitely could to with some customization. But so yeah, that’s happening, so it’s all going to be good.

Finally, been catching up on Homeland. That show was one of the reasons I went to live in Tel Aviv before. The format for it came from there, in case anyone didn’t know; they sold it to the U.S.

What else? Oh, we’ll do lots of project work.


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