The Kabuki that is Fox News 

I can only read the beginning of this article due to subscription limits, but FYI, I happened to have gone on the Flume Ride (amusement park ride in Gothenburg) with thee Carl Bildt – a former Swedish PM – when I was about eleven years old. And this mysterious Nils Bildt supposedly having appeared on Fox News is unknown to me, too. I find it hilarious that they are now not only inventing a problem with this country’s immigration, but now also inventing characters to play our politicians in the kabuki that is Fox News, which Trump turns to for solid, “good” news from which to then make baffling world broadcast statements – whereas the other channels with way less obvious nonsense, he’d consider “fake” and “an enemy of the American people.” 

Also another article from a Swedish paper brought up the matter, and The Swedish Armed Forces don’t know about him, also Swedish Parliament doesn’t know about him… 

Clearly, if you google “Bildt” you’ll find that his full name according to wikipedia is Nils Daniel Carl Bildt. But I’ve always heard people mention of him as Carl Bildt. 

See the news footage of the stranger on Fox News

Now, at university at the moment I’ve been to some lectures – and I’ve done my fair share of reading on the subject as well – of visual perception. Now, the latest I remember from today’s class, or something that I noted extra carefully… underlined, like Queen Elisabeth in The Crown in taking notes about the constitution…

Context matters.

(Also, complexity is the enemy.)

We are learning this about Design… and The Design of Everyday Things, which is a book that a man named something-Norman wrote. Perhaps Nils… (not really) but I wouldn’t really take a guess right now, considering the circumstances. What I would suggest is that we all start doing what I’ll be doing this weekend… reading scientific, primary source studies to get information that has been peer reviewed and fact checked very carefully. I learned from the University librarian the other day that this process sometimes may take years. Obviously news wouldn’t be news if they were to be peer reviewed in the same fashion. But all I ask is that world leaders don’t rush to the panic button every time they watch cable… and that media overall can be relieved from judgement and Fox News no longer be considered the source of sane news if any, because that – in the light of these new articles about a fictional politician – would be upright nonsense.


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